You must be wondering how you are going to transmit what has to do with your brand's DNA, right? We will tell you that it has everything, the pattern can strengthen your DNA as it can kill you. Stay here and we'll tell you why.



6/9/20212 min read

Hi guys, How are you?

As you know, we have a new blog post here every week talking about important topics in the textile area, and about the latest trends. And today we are going to talk about something very important for us designers and you who own your own brand, your DNA.

If you still don't have your DNA defined, know that this is a very important point to contribute to the sales successes of your prints, or the pieces of your brand.

I will explain to you why simply and quickly. We know that it is silly to think about defining DNA, but when doing sales analysis it shows in the numbers that it does, it gives a return. For this reason you must know what your DNA is, that is, nothing more, nothing less than the face of your brand.

This is what your clothes and prints need to have, “the face of your brand” in all collections, so your audience will identify with your product, will become loyal, that is, a regular consumer, and this will generate return greater number of consecutive sales for you.

We hope that today's tips have been important and enlightening for you and that in some way it can help you when creating your prints, thinking about your brand and defining who your audience will be to then know your DNA, or “yourguy".

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Take care, see you soon!

Tom Certo Design,

Email: contato@tomcerto.com

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So when thinking about your prints remember these 3 important points:

Know who you want to sell to

It seems silly to say that, but this is the first and most important step in the creation process, know who your target audience is, study them and produce with a focus on them.

Have a creative briefing done right

That's right, the creative briefing has to have all the information according to the taste of your target audience.

Choose good professionals Have professionals

who read your briefing, the DNA of your brand and your thoughts, and who knows how to transmit on the prints what your target audience wants.