5 main colours Spring 21/22

In the spring we start to see a little of the colorings that will come next summer, this is the moment when everything starts to come to life and bloom. This is visible in the shop windows. So today we are going to share with you.



8/12/20203 min read

Hi how are you?

As we saw last week, we opened the trend season for Spring 21/22 here on the blog, because for those who still don't know, in addition to our catalog of prints for various segments, we also created our seasonal collections. And for that to happen, we are very careful to do research with the latest trends and we are always looking at the catwalks. And here on the blog we share a little bit of our research with you so that you can also plan / organize your collections according to each season.

As we saw in the previous winter season at the beginning of the pandemic that affected the whole world and that the textile industry was one of the most affected, the tendency to focus on sustainability and conscious consumption has become much stronger. And sustainable fashion also reflected in the launchings of the collections, as we saw last week (CLIC HERE) many of the major brands launched their collections outdoors, in photo studios, indoors, in short, they used their creativity as the catwalk shows are suspended.

And today we're going to check out the main colors that were featured in the launch of the latest collections launched.

As we saw we will have MANY colors in the spring! And now let's check out the 5 main colors that stood out the most among the launches of all brands!


The green color means hope, freedom, health and vitality. Green symbolizes nature, money and youth. It is the color of living nature. It is associated with growth, renewal and fulfillment.


Expresses empathy and companionship. Other characteristics such as beauty, softness, purity, charm, fragility and delicacy manifested by the color pink, are generally also attributed to women, suggesting femininity and affection.


Purple is a color closely linked to mysticism. It is the color of transmutation, transformation, the crown chakra and mental visualizations. Purple also induces altered states of consciousness and aids meditation.


The color blue means tranquility, serenity and harmony, but it is also associated with coldness, monotony and depression. It symbolizes water, the sky and the infinite.


The color yellow means light, warmth, relaxation, optimism and joy. Yellow symbolizes the sun, summer, prosperity and happiness. It is an inspiring color that awakens creativity.

Colors have the power to influence our day, our mood, colors speak a lot about ourselves. And next season we will have many colors for the next season, and each one with beautiful meaning and very interesting for this new phase of the world. Do you already have your favorite colors and combinations? For those who liked it and want to check out more, just keep an eye on it that next week we have more tips for Spring 21/22.

If you want new prints for your brand / store soon we will have many tips here and also the launch of our collection.

Our collection is made of 100% exclusive prints and only a few units, so keep an eye out for the launch of yet another collection here.


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