Boho Bohemian Prints - Winter 2021 Trends

Last week we ended our color series for next winter 21 and today we started the trends for prints for winter 2021. Want to know more just stay here with us!



6/24/20200 min read

Last week we ended our color series for next winter 21 and today we started the trends for prints for winter 2021. Want to know more just stay here with us!

Hi guys, how are you?

As we saw in the last posts on the main colors for winter 2021, we will then start today to see about the highlights on prints and patterns for the next season, and we could not stop talking about the boho style, which given what to say because it gained great prominence on the catwalks.

Let's go then!

To begin, let's understand a little more about how this style came about. Boho Bohemian (bohemian in Portuguese) was born into a nomadic and free lifestyle, with no formal commitments. The first records came in the 20th century when it was featured in a film in France called “Midnight in Paris”. Years passed, and the trend returned in the 70s, but it was only in 2003 at music festivals in England that the style gained a much greater proportion, being today a trend that remains in all seasons around the world making the mix of boho and bohemian of the most uncomplicated and light life.

The trend brings many prints with earthy tones elements like paisleys, floral, barred, always loaded with details, but without losing the lightness of the style. In the last shows, besides colors, lots of patterns and many textures that were seen for the next post-pandemic season, comfort is the watchword in the new collections. What we all know is that the fashion calendar may continue to change for the next seasons too, and that many shows have already taken place via the online platform. This is great because no one is left out of checking trends, but also more importantly at this point, everyone stays safe.

Within the parades that have already happened we will check the main highlights within the bohemian boho style and all the prints and elements. Within all the prints of the style in the last shows, we easily identified the highlight of earthy colors and elements such as paisley, floral and tapestry prints, embroidered patchwork in the composition of the prints that make up the looks in comfortable modeling, fabrics that bring lightness to the looks.

These were the main highlights of this printing trend for Winter 21, and tell me here what you think of this style of prints, would you use it? What is your favorite type within these patterns?

Our winter collection 2021/2022 is almost out of the oven with prints and incredible colors that we will soon be launching on the website. Wait!

And for you who like to follow everything about fashion and to know more news for your next collections keep an eye here, we have a new post every week here about the latest trends directly from Europe, and if you want to know our entire creation process here at the studio daily follow us on instagram and learn more about our creative process.


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