Difference between Prints Rotating, Local Print and Border prints

In the textile market we have many options for supplying fabrics and prints of the highest quality, but before choosing your supplier you need to know how to define the difference between the prints and today we will tell you the difference between the 3 main prints.



2/24/20212 min read

Hi guys, how are you?

Here we are in the process of creating our next collection of exclusive prints for WINTER 22, and in this process we define the type of prints that will be created, such as running or localized.

Because it is essential to know which category of print best fits your goal when creating the pieces of your collection, this will optimize your time with the creation of your prints and have 100% use of your fabrics.

And today we will tell you about the difference between the categories of prints most common in the textile market, which are: Rotating, Localized and Border print.

Rotating Prints: These prints are created and printed in the direction of the fabric, known as the prints you don't see the beginning and end of the repetition of the design. Ideal for making better use of fabric.

Local Prints: These are the prints normally developed with the (digital) modeling of the finished piece or the sheet size (printing paper) corresponding to the future modeling of the piece. Ideal for pieces that have different details or design in each part of the clothing, such as sleeves, pockets, etc.

Border prints: These also fit the rotating prints, but the format of creation will be located in the aureole of the fabric, ideal for making pieces with midi or mini length, such as dresses, skirts and others.

This is an important step for you to define before you start creating your prints, whether you are a print designer like us, or you own your own brand. We hope that today's tip has helped you to clarify and define the best type of prints for you.

Take care, see you soon!

Tom Certo Design,

Email: contato@tomcerto.com

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