Florals - Winter Trend 2021

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6/1/20200 min read

Last week we opened the winter print season 21/22 here on the blog and today we are going to talk about another trend of prints that we saw on the catwalks. The floral classics. Want to know more about them, just stay here and check out the full post.

Hi guys, how are you?

Today talking about trends for winter 21/22 we will talk about the maxi and liberty florals, which are nothing more than the floral classics that are always on the rise in all seasons, be it winter or summer.

A major trend in the market in the post-pandemic world will be to prioritize comfort and sustainable fashion in a much more conscious way, and this will also be fully reflected in the prints and colorings of the collections. Like florals, elements of nature that bring this lightness and delicacy to the heavy pieces of winter.

In this winter season we saw on the catwalks of great brands the floral as the main character of many prints and has for all tastes. Prints ranging from maxi to liberty, which are delicate florals and very small proportions.

In addition to the coloring we've already seen that we will have a lot this winter, the florals bring life to the pieces, be it in a more delicate or maxi and even abstract.

What is your favorite floral style maxi or libert?

These were the main floral highlights for Winter 21/22, and tell me here what you think of this style of prints, would you use it? What is your favorite type within these patterns?

Our winter collection 2021/2022 is almost out of the oven with prints and incredible colors that we will soon be launching on the website. Wait!

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