Importance of defining the color chart before creations

When it comes to thinking about a collection of prints or pieces of clothing, you will also have to define your color chart, and today we are here to help you understand why this step is so important and should not be overlooked.



5/19/20212 min read

Hi guys, how are you?

As you know here we are always sharing with you tips on collection planning, trends, tips for creating prints, and much more!

And today we are going to talk about an important step for us designers, and for you who have your own brand, which is the color chart. Yes, this is an important step that cannot be left out and that can contribute to the success of your creations or to fail entirely.

Calm down, no need to be scared, I'll explain to you why she can fail your prints or clothes. Let's go to the simple, imagine a collection of prints or clothes for summer, with colors that do not bring the energy and liveliness that summer provides us? Complicated right? So great care must be taken! Well, wrong colors generate the choice of wrong fabrics, and prints created in an erroneous way and confuse your client, as he will not be able to identify which season his prints or pieces are.

But ok, you already understood that the color chart is important, but you must be wondering how to make your color chart right?

We are here to help you!

The color chart is one of the prints that must be defined in the collection planning process (prints or clothes) when you are doing your trend research you must know who your audience is, what they like to use , what kind of colors to talk to, so that you can at each season know what to produce at each season and so on.

These tips are valid for everyone, including pattern designers as stylists, and you who have your own brand to choose the fabrics within your coloring, so everyone will be within the same trends ensuring success of the final result of each product or print created. We hope that the tips today have helped to clarify your planning and color chart definition for your next collections.

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