Main prints for winter 22

The prints are undoubtedly part of the most important parts in planning a collection, so let's talk in detail about the highlights of the catwalks for the next winter trends 22.



4/14/20214 min read

Hi guys, how are you?

As you saw in the last few weeks, we opened the trend season here on the blog as we always do at the beginning of each new season. Here in the studio we are daily keeping an eye on the latest fashion trends to always bring the latest news to our customers and also to our collections.

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In the last few weeks we have already seen about THE MAIN WINTER TRENDS 22 and also the MAIN WINTER COLORS 22 and today we are going to check in detail about the prints that stood out in the last fashion weeks here in Europe.

The textile industry was one of the most affected by the Pandemic, and the result of this was the adaptation of the major brands for the launch of collections and fashion shows, which has been transmitted in a totally digital way as it was already done at the end of 2020.

The fashion shows in Paris, New York, London and all the rest of the fashion week have become much more accessible to people from anywhere in the world.

But, even though it is easily accessible, it is still important to perceptively analyze every detail of the pieces and to know how to interpret each of the trends and understand how this can become commercially applicable in your collection that will please your consumer, and for that we are here today to share a little bit of our research on building our latest WINTER 22 collection that we launched, CLICK HERE to check it out.


Every season, be it winter or summer, the classics will always appear, but the coolest thing is how they appear and how they are renewing themselves. This is the case with florals, as always one of the trends with more highlights and consequently more sales. The florals here were presented in various formats, such as flat floral, which are prints illustrated in many realistic details bringing the more vintage air to the print, and we also have to talk about liberty, that floral in small proportion bringing femininity to the compositions , and this winter in particular comes more colorful, bringing more vivid colors for the winter.


The geometric is a trend that is not always on the rise, and not every audience that likes it, although not as popular as the floral ones, it is very easy to be used in day-to-day life as the floral ones to make combinations. For the next winter there will be geometries for all tastes, more daring and discreet, with a lot of colour or a little colour, you choose the one that best suits your brand so as not to be left out of these trends. Let's check out the highlights of the catwalks with us?


The camouflage or military came with EVERYTHING this next season. The cool thing that this trend was renewed, like everything in fashion, with several overlapping applications including floral, geometric and even in an abstract way bringing the camouflage.


The dots are already expected to come in one season or another, because as well as the animal print and florals they are one of the classics that cannot be missing. This time they came with a more organic presentation, mixed with other elements like floral, and with much more breath in the composition.


The darlings of some and not so many for others, the scarves prints are back and lighter, not so overloaded with elements, and also with more delicate elements and colouring.

And did you like the trends for next season? Tell me here what are you going to bet for your next collection? If you want to check everything in real time, follow us on social media where we have news.

And did you like the trends for next season? Tell me here what are you going to bet for your next collection? If you want to check everything in real time, follow us on social media where we have news.