Militarism - Winter Trend 2017

O tão queridinho e temido VERDE MILITAR chegou e chegou chegando não é mesmo?Quer saber mais sobre como usar a tendência a seu favor? Vem com a gente!


Tom Certo

5/10/20171 min read

The GREEK military so dear and dreadful has come and got it in the way is not it? Want to learn more about how to use the trend to their advantage? Come with us!

The military green came with all this winter in 2017 has taken the slopes, and today we can easily find on a daily basis sidewalks away. The color fever fever and has won special place in the wardrobe of those who love to stay on top of fashion news or even for those who just want to dare the basic look of day to day has definitely become the jolly color!

TOM green right can vary from the strongest tones that refer to military uniforms for the softest shades of this color chart, here are some examples and choose your favorite TOM for this season:

Partying with militarism is accompanied by pacthes, and often combined with floral elements, wild animals and much more. If you have difficulty in matching color they are with us that vanmos give incredible tips on how to use and dare with this beautiful color that came with everything to stay.

"One tip is to use mixing trend details to leave your super feminine look such as lace, sequins and transparencies. Bet without fear in dresses and skirts and mark your life, which give more freshness to the military trend"

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