Trends for Winter 2019 - Fashion Week in Milan

After finishing the fashion week in Milan we can already see the first major trends that will fill our windows in winter 2019 and today we will know some highlights of the main brands.


Tom Certo

4/25/20180 min read

Hello everyone, everything good? The summer season is already knocking on our doorstep but the tendencies of winter 2019 are already giving way to the catwalks. Let's check the main ones with us today?

After finishing the fashion week in Milan we can already see the first major trends that will fill our windows in winter 2019 and today we will know some highlights of the main brands.


What about this rich parade of vibrant colors almost made us forget that it was a parade for winter. After the last season where I brought the icons of the Versace era Gianni and had the supermodels of the 90s grouping on the catwalk.

This winter, the pop colors will win the reminder of the famous "golden past of the brand", and what most attracted attention is the mix of prints and patterns with many colors and also with aminal print. It was also possible to observe many fringes, moorings, belts of thicker width, many chess of various proportions and Baroque prints (one of its trademarks). Let's see some of the pieces of this remarkable parade?


The brand brought as background of its parade the milanese skyline where it migrated from its traditional parade that happened on Thursday afternoon to night. The highlights of the parade were due to the boldly fluorescent color chart for the winter, that's right, fluorescent in winter, dyeing diverse textures such as tweed, tulle and even plastic.

Another important point that stood out here was the mix of prints and classic patterns like chess, daring as the brand always was also brought in the part of the fabrics inside the heavy parts contrasting with the lightness of the tulle in some moments. The mood of the parade was totally futuristic but without leaving the outside behind that the brand dominates in a unique way. Check here some of the highlights we love!


The Gucci parade gave what to speak for its unusual and irreverent ways of presenting the trends of the coming winter, the chosen theme was a surgical scenario! That's right, in this unusual scenario the brand has given great references to the manual work of the sewing ateliers, but they bring the proposal for winter 2019 there will be no sex as well as the cyborgs, highlighting the message that each can and should be whatever you want.

All you could imagine of textures were used as velvet, jacquard, tulle and also and many sparkles, including here also had a mix of prints with classic patterns up to the most daring. See below the highlights of this parade:


The brand is known for always rocking the strong themes in their parades and this time would not be different. This time the brand decided to use its devotion to fashion to create more than 100 looks to please both its customers of the new generation that already comes from cradle wearing the brand.

This may be said to have been one of their younger collections so far, most of their looks were made up of jegging, nylon jackets, demin and even "santa fashion" t-shirts. As a trademark of the label, everything was ultra decorated and vibrant colors and some rose to prominence as the pink, red and also the violet making mix with striking ornaments also bringing Byzantine references to the parade. Check out some of our favorite highlights of this wonderful parade!

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