Princess Diana - How the Princess become Fashion Icon

With the 4 season of “The Crown” being successful all over the world, it couldn't be different that the looks of Princess Diana (or Lady Di as many know her or call her today) have gained prominence in all fashion magazines and today let's review some looks that have become icons and are still successful today, come on?



11/25/20200 min read

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Anyone who knows the Netflix series “The Crown”, even if you haven't already, put it on the list to see that it is super worth it for those who like to know more about British royalty. In the fourth season that was launched on November 15th, a few days ago, the series has already become the first subject around the world, because this season we have the participation of the wonderful.

Princess Diana, or Lady Di as many like. And for the fashion world, what became prominent was not the British royalty itself, but the iconic looks of the princess who had her own style and which are still successful today, including many people still reproduce it, reinterpret their looks , in one way or another Diana is always one of the greatest icons of fashion. And, directly from the land of the queen, we could not help but remember the wonderful looks of the princess and bring inspiration to share with you. And as we will see in the photos, many of the princess's looks are super hot these days, be it color or modeling. Well, enough talk and let's check it out? Let's go then!

Unlike what many imagine about princesses, basic looks were also part of Princess Diana's daily life, she was very adept at wearing jeans, now known with the “mom Jeans” models with light wash and high waist, always combined with sneakers.

Within the princess's casual looks we also have many midis dresses and skirts, the princess paraded playing with her children and through the streets of London with many looks of skirts and dresses, with heels, with sneakers, more casual, more tidy, even with bold looks that the princess has always liked, these pieces have always been part of the princess’s wardrobe.

Do you like that length? Now you may be wondering, but the gala looks, where are they?

As the princess liked to dare, galas looks would certainly not be left out right? Let's check out some of them and the details of each of them and understand why they called and draws so much attention today, come on?

And as we can see, the princess was what we call “chameleon” because it fits well in any type of clothing, be it basic jeans to the looks of galas with their jewelry and crowns. Diana was well known for not being afraid to dare in the gala looks, she always dared bringing colors, prints and a lot of shine to show along with the real jewels in the most sophisticated events.

In addition to the historical looks the princess, another subject that we can not fail to mention was the success she made when it comes to hat, yes this was one of the accessories most used by the princess in the composition of the looks with the jewelry and bags, Diana always bet on bold and stylish hats as we will see in the following pictures that many models can easily be used even today. We will see?

And then tell me, what is your favorite princess look? Would you use any of them?

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