Techniques for creating prints

The creation technique is one of the most important items to be defined in the creative briefing BEFORE starting to create the prints. Yes, after all not all techniques can fit your target audience, so know what identifies with your audience and choose the best professional to create the exclusive prints.!



2/17/20210 min read

Hi guys all right ?

Today we are going to talk a little about creating prints here.

We have been in the textile market for more than 7 years offering our collections of exclusive prints. But for this to happen seasonally in our collections there is a process before, first of all we have defined our target audience, although we are a prints studio we also have our target audience defined, that's right, and from that point on we started to define which styles of prints to work with and which techniques to use in each one.

You designer who is just starting out or who is already in the field can work with a creative technique, whether manual or digital, or more than one of them, the important thing is that you know how to use it in your favor and your creation has your DNA as a differential in the market.

The best known techniques in the textile market for creating prints are between digital and manual, which are:

Digital (works with image manipulation);

  • Watercolor;

  • Colored pencils;

  • Bookmarks;

  • Ink;

  • Acrylic

The creation technique is important for us designers, be it just one or all of them, no matter how many techniques you master, the important thing is to let it flow and improve each day with the practice of your technique and each day you will see more of your DNA in your creations.

And then you must be wondering, but what is the importance of defining a technique? I'll tell you.

You'll know which brands to offer your designs to and brands will know who to look for when looking for designs with personality.

That's right, because creative techniques are also one of the important steps of brands when defining their audience, when planning collections, everything goes in total harmony.

Did you understand why it is so important? Tell me here, do you already have your favorite creative technique or do you want to improve in any of them? I hope today's tip may have helped you to think better if you are starting out in the area of ​​pattern creation, or if you already work as a designer and want to work better on your brand as a designer or your own print studio.

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I'll wait for you there!

Take care, see you soon! Tom Certo Design,


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