The worst mistakes when doing trend research

The fashion collection planning process is very important to be successful in sales, and one of the most important steps is the creation of the creative briefing, the one that will guide the creation of all the steps of your collection, and today we will tell you which ones worst mistakes you should NOT make when researching trends for your brand.



2/10/20212 min read

Hi guys, how are you?

Here in London we are at the height of winter with a very cold week, and we even had snow here this week. But today, let's talk about trends and fashion collection planning. Because much is said about the importance of doing good planning when preparing a fashion collection, but something that is rarely talked about are the mistakes that you must run from them when analyzing the trends of the catwalks and major brands and apply in your collection.

It seems strange to talk about mistakes, after all everyone just wants to know what are the steps for the success of each collection, but it is important to talk about them. A fashion collection consists of several steps, and making mistakes in just one step of planning can compromise your entire result when it comes to sales. This includes trend research that is part of the initial process of planning a collection.

That's why today we are going to tell you the 3 main mistakes that happen when preparing a creative briefing:⠀

  • Don't transmit your brand's DNA when applying trends.

  • Buy prints without doing a trend analysis of what will be on the rise.

  • Not having your target audience defined.

Keep an eye out for those mistakes and run from those mistakes and ensure that your collection will be much more assertive commercially!

When doing trend analysis for your collection, ask these 3 important questions:

  • Does this talk to my audience?

  • How do I apply this trend to my DNA?

  • Is this in line with the latest trends in the fashion world?

Ask yourself these questions, as you must create trends according to your audience and not just what's hot.

I hope you enjoyed today's tips!

Take care, see you soon! Tom Certo Design,

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