What is the importance of the briefing when planning my collection

The pandemic changed the world and the textile sector was certainly one of the most affected, we have no doubt about that. As a result, brands have increasingly sought to make collection planning as assertive as possible, and today we are going to tell you how this is possible.



2/3/20212 min read

Hi guys all right?

What else has been heard in the textile industry and how much it has been affected by the pandemic that unfortunately lasts for over a year, the textile industry has been rethinking and reinventing itself daily to try to reverse the tragic scenario in fashion. And one of the means found is to recycle materials, sustainable collections, to seek ways to harm the environment less, and above all to think much more when planning collections so that they can be much more assertive and 100% commercial.

And thinking about planning a collection, be it your first collection or if you’ve been in the market for a long time, which everyone doesn’t want at this moment and invest money in something uncertain, then, the time spent on planning collections has become “ golden time ”as stylists say.

A collection starts long before it reaches the fabrics and models, there is the period of study and creation until you get there, and we will tell you why this period of study and preparation of the material is so important and cannot be ignored.The dreaded briefing and the moment where you will gather ALL the information about your collection and expectations about it.

In it you will put images, colors, inspirational elements and everything that may have the face of your collection to serve as inspiration when creating your pieces, choosing the fabrics and producing the prints.

The briefing in a nutshell is nothing more than the physical material that will guide ALL the professionals who will be working on your collection, from stylist, designer, model maker, all without exception. Because it is very important that everyone knows the objectives of the collection so that you can also meet your schedule of production and launch dates for your collection.

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