Winter color trends 22

The trends are daily changing and certainly in times of pandemic everyone wants a lot more assertive when it comes to preparing your collection. That is why we are here today to speak exclusively about the colors highlighted for the next winter 22 season. Come check it out!



3/17/20214 min read

Hi guys, how are you?

As you know we have already started talking about winter trends 22 here and as we always brought details and analysis of trends to share here with you.

In the process of creating a collection, even before choosing the fabrics, creating your prints, one of the most important steps and defining the colors of your color chart, that's right you need to define a color chart for your collection, that talks with your target audience, and simple and we’ll explain why!

Imagine, that your target audience likes sober colors and the trend dictates that neon will be on the rise, you automatically KNOW that your audience will not have the best reception with that color, and this can drastically affect the final sale numbers of your collection.

Only a simple mistake like the wrong color can sink your collection. And so that this doesn't happen, we brought you here today details of our construction survey for our winter collection 22 (CLICK HERE AND SEE) so that you don't make this mistake!


Also known as pastel, or sweet colours, each year and each time this colour chart appears on the rise it gets a new name and countless combinations. Nothing more than the light colours of the main colours like pink, blue, yellow, lilac and green.

And that this season COME WITH EVERYTHING! But when we said everything, and everything, the biggest brands filled their catwalks with this colour chart, and we are already seeing it in the windows of European stores, especially in London where we are located. This is certainly one of the most assertive colours for the next seasons, which besides being beautiful, are super easy to combine in the day-to-day look.


Just as the candy colours were highlighted in military green too, we saw a lot in the military camouflage print itself, as well as in more sober pieces with a plain colour and even many times in various combinations of military green. And will you bet on this trend?


This is for sure and one of the colour trends that is giving more to talk about, many are already tired others die of love. The love-hate relationship of these colours whether they make them stay here again next season. For those who don't really like these colours, they can opt for the ease of using colours in the details of the pieces such as in pockets, seams, even trims, zipers, applications ... Let your imagination run free! The neon colour in a more aligned modelling brings a more relaxed and modern look. It is possible to stay in fashion without losing your elegance, it is worth betting!


This is one of the colours of the red family, not for everyone who looks good, and not in all the pieces and fabrics that look beautiful. But, in addition, it is a colour that is very easy to use in everyday life, different from what many people think. As well as red it can be easily combined with grey, black, blue, white. The possibility is endless, and for those who like the colour it is worth betting because it brings a great highlight to the look!


From the family of (roses), in the chromatic circle of colours, magenta is close to pink and purple. A strong colour, which should be explored much more. Yes that's right, just like the orange we saw earlier, this colour appeared in the parades giving us the chance to fall in love with it. Like the previous colour it can easily be combined in everyday looks, and for those who like to dare in the composition, bring a complete look with the colours. And do you like that colour?

So tell me what will be your color bet for your next Winter 22 collection?

If you like this content, keep an eye out here and we'll bring you more tips for winter 22 including prints and how to use the main colors we talk about here.

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