The Blooming collection comes to Florescer and brings the life of colors and flowers to your daily transition for the season. A collection inspired by British gardens with a wide diversity of flowers and unique colors. Our collection has prints created with diversified manual techniques designed directly for each print, here you will find prints in watercolor, digital manual, textures with markers among others. An incredible and lively collection to start a new season of your life. Come and bloom with our collection too! 






An unknown world in which we need to be more brave and courageous every day! The keyword of the collection for the near future. The Be brave collection was inspired by the forest and its beauty, reflecting the strength of each animal and wild plants throughout their lives. The collection was created inspired by the texture of animal skins, wild plantation and extinct, composing every detail of the prints with the force of nature to remain strong under the circumstances, and with it we can learn to be more and more courageous, BE BRAVE you too !

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