Lush Garden - Winter Collection 22

Finally the big day has arrived! The launch of our new Lush Garden collection! Want to know more about the collection? Come and see!

All of our collections are created according to the latest trends on the catwalks of the fashion world. In each of our collections, we did a study and analysis of trends and brought them in a commercial way for you on our prints.

Florals and elements of nature are always the classics of every season, and it wouldn't be any different now. In addition to the latest trends having brought many florals for the next season, we went deeper and looked for inspiration in the gardens of Dubai to compose our selection of exuberant florals to compose our collection. The gardens of Dubai are known worldwide, as the best known Miracle Garden, because for those who don't know, it is a garden created in the desert with over 150 million flowers that remain impeccably wonderful ALL YEAR, knowing that this is inside the desert is incredible isn't it?






Exuberant isn't it? Breathtaking! And in the midst of so much beauty we created our collection!


Check out some of the highlights of our collection below.








































All the prints in our collection are EXCLUSIVE and as a bonus you have two color variants at no extra cost, and the best thing is that you receive the files ready for printing so you don't have to bother!


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